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Science and Engineering are rapidly growing and important industries in the modern world. A scientist predicts, observes, questions, experiments, records data, and then analyses that data. All children can be scientists by following their own natural curiosity and at The Lancaster School, teachers help to facilitate these skills in order for children to flourish. Science is all around us and developing scientific knowledge and skills helps children to make sense of the world.


At The Lancaster School we recognise the importance of Science and strive to maintain a high profile for the subject within our school. Our desire to enthuse and inspire children to develop a lifelong love of science is reflected in our curriculum and learning environments.


We have carefully developed our curriculum to ensure that there is clear progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary from nursery through to year 2. Alongside teaching children the key scientific knowledge, teachers facilitate opportunities for children to develop and apply their scientific skills throughout their learning. Knowledge and skills are regularly recapped to ensure that the children’s learning is embedded in their long term memory, enabling them to build upon this when they move on to Junior School and beyond.


At the Lancaster school we ensure that:

  • Children make meaningful links between classroom learning and the real world through high-quality, real-life experiences.
  • Children develop their scientific skills throughout, carrying out their own investigations using scientific equipment.
  • Children develop their vocabulary through a language rich curriculum, new vocabulary is explicitly taught and reinforced within the learning environment.
  • We nurture children’s curiosity by providing opportunities for them to ask questions, develop wonderment and a sense of excitement about science.
  • We provide teachers with opportunities to further develop their subject knowledge so that children have access to high quality teaching and support.

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The Lancaster School

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The Lancaster School,
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