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Maths at The Lancaster School

Maths is an essential part of everyday life. When children grow up, they need to have an understanding of the world around them, including how to reason mathematically, be financially stable  through the ability to budget income, understanding credit and interest payment rates and financial gains of saving money.


At The Lancaster School, Mathematics is at the core of our curriculum and is taught daily by highly skilled teachers.  We ensure all children experience the full National Curriculum  and build a deep and sustained knowledge of mathematics  where all can achieve. This knowledge will provide the foundations that children need to have the confidence and ability to flourish as they progress through education.


At our school, we teach Maths using the mastery approach which means pupils acquire a deep, long term secure understanding that enables them to apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of contexts.  Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching, where the focus is on all pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time.   This ensures that all can master concepts before moving on to the next part of the curriculum sequence, so that no pupil is left behind. We explicitly teach fluency, reasoning and problem solving daily in tandem because each supports the development of the other.  Our Maths curriculum is carefully  ordered where all units are interconnected and learning is revisited regularly to embed knowledge into the long term memory.  At The Lancaster School, early language development is also a key focus and we ensure that  Maths language is continually developed  through the use of stem sentences, specifically taught vocabulary,  and consistent modelling of language in lessons. 


At The Lancaster School teachers ensure that:

· Maths is meaningful, exciting and engaging for all children

· Lesson structure is consistent across the school to provide equal opportunities for all

· We nurture children’s curiosity and in turn develop  a love of learning for maths

· We create a safe space whereby children are not afraid to make mistakes but instead are able to learn from them

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