The standard of dress in our school is very good. Our children look very smart and distinctive in our uniform of red sweatshirts and sweat cardigans, with our logo. Uniform items, including red and white polo shirts and red baseball caps, PE bags and book bags, all with the school logo, are available from the school office. Uniform Direct on the High Street in Lincoln also stock our uniform and you can also purchase directly from them.

Many parents also donate old items of school clothing and these, when available, can be purchased from Mrs Harrison for 50p an item.

Each child, except those in nursery, will need P.E. shorts and a T-shirt in a bag - all of which should be named. In summer, plimsolls or trainers will also be required for outside games and Sports Day.

We ask parents to please label all items of children’s school clothing, including outdoor coats, and in particular sweatshirts and cardigans. We encourage children to be responsible for looking after their possessions and school clothing, but it can prove very difficult to find items of lost clothing which do not have pupil names in them.


In the interests of health and safety, we ask that children do not wear jewellery in school. If your child has pierced ears then please ensure that only studs are worn. Children must be able to remove jewellery, including earrings, themselves if it is judged that there may be a health and safety risk, e.g. for P. E. If a child is unable to do so then it is at the teacher’s discretion whether the child can participate in the lesson. We cannot accept responsibility for any lost items of jewellery