The school has a 52 place nursery class, with a choice of session and extended provision to allow parents flexibility in their free 15 hours per week nursery care. All pupils need to have attained 3 years of age before entering the nursery, and preferably be toilet trained. Once a place in nursery has been offered and accepted, parents and children are invited to attend induction meetings and visits to the school prior to starting in September. Nursery staff carry out home visits to parents and pupils prior to joining our nursery. During the first two weeks of term, pupils are gradually integrated into the nursery.

A period of induction is also established for children entering the Foundation Unit Reception in September and opportunities are made available in the first two to three days for individual consultation to take place between parents and teachers, to discuss the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Play is at the core of the Early Years Curriculum, allowing children to learn through discovery and structured play and activities and the children enjoy a vast range of experiences within the seven areas of learning. The progress children make and their levels of ability in different areas vary enormously. We ensure that all children are treated as individuals and are given opportunities to consolidate their learning, or to be challenged and stretched as appropriate. Our intention in the Foundation Stage is to begin to foster independent learning, with a high emphasis on personal and social and emotional development, and to establish basic skills in speaking and listening and early reading and writing abilities.

The Foundation Stage staff plan closely together in order to ensure progression within the early years setting. This is a vital time in the growth of young children, and our Foundation Stage staff work very closely with parents on all aspects of their children’s development. Assessments are made on entry into the FS1, and again at the end of the Nursery year before progression into FS2. FS2 staff maintain on-going assessments of the children throughout the year, and report to parents at the end of the FS2 year in terms of their children’s progress towards Early Learning Goals.

There is a separate brochure available in school and on the website which explains the Foundation Stage curriculum and the principles underlying the organisation of the Foundation Stage at The Lancaster School.