At The Lancaster School we aim to equip our children with the Computing knowledge and skills they will need in an ever changing technological world. We believe that the use of ICT in school supports and enhances the children's learning in all areas of the curriculum.

At The Lancaster School we believe the Internet is an effective and amazing tool to widen children’s knowledge. We want to ensure that it is used safely and responsibly by the children. Our priority is to keep your children safe when using the Internet. In school we use an excellent website called Thinkuknow. The children learn all about how to keep safe when using the Internet.

The schools E-Safety and ICT and Computing coordinator is Dawn Bell, the schools Safeguarding officer is Tracey Bowman, and concerns relating to Internet safety should be reported immediately to these members of staff.

The children have made e-safety posters as part of the new computing curriculum and these are around the school.

The Lancaster School follows these 3 rules in the class when using the Internet.

     - Rule 1 – Always ask an adult before using the Internet.

     - Rule 2 – Zip it! Never tell anyone your name or address on the Internet.

     - Rule 3 – Tell an adult if you see something on the Internet that worries or upsets you.


Think U Know

The website above is provided by Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

E-Safety Policy for The Lancaster School

Social Media Online Safety

Staying Safe Online Leaflet