It is vital to have a set of common aims and values that show our school is working hard to be successful, for the benefit of all involved with the school.

     - To develop each child’s full potential in all aspects of school life: personal, emotional, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, creative and physical.

     - To develop in each child a love of learning through the provision of a broad,balanced and creative curriculum.

     - To create a stimulating learning environment where children feel valued and secure.

     - To provide the highest quality teaching and learning for each child.

     - To enable children to achieve the highest possible standards and make progress relative to their individual needs.

     - To empower staff to teach to their full ability through continued professional development.

     - To work in partnership with parents, families and the wider community to develop the education of our children.

We can achieve these aims by providing a smooth, positive introduction into the school.

     - Encouraging positive behaviour choices in all of our children from nursery onwards.

     - Providing a range of resources and experiences so that our children can develop socially, morally, physically, emotionally and culturally.

     - Monitoring work and setting challenging but realistic targets for achievement.

     - Developing the skills and expertise of all staff.

     - Establishing and maintaining good relationships with parents and carers, and the wider community.